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I like to think outside the box. In fact I disdain the box. If everybody’s doing it, there’s a pretty good chance I’m not. I don’t follow trends, I dislike reality TV and I don’t punish my children. Most people don’t actually like people who think outside the box, because they feel judged I guess. Or maybe because they just don’t like people who aren’t like them. Most employers love to see the phrase on a CV, but they don’t really like their employees demonstrating outside-the-box thinking. Instead they want box tickers and yes-men. My ex-husband’s most used phrase was “that’s not normal” and my response was always “so what?”

I don’t do things differently just to be counter-cultural though. I just don’t value the received knowledge that most people take for granted as “the way things are.” I don’t find a group and then join them lock step either.

I consider myself a feminist. I try not to buy pink and girly things for my daughters because I don’t want them to feel boxed in by gender roles. I make an effort not to talk negatively about my body in front of them because I know that’s where they will get the first idea that women’s bodies are supposed to look a certain way or else we should be unhappy. When I was growing up I was never going to settle down with anyone or have kids. Today my husband and I split the household chores equally, according to what is most important to us. I have goals outside of raising my kids, though now that I have them, they really are the most important thing in my universe.  I was genuinely surprised and aghast when I learned (within the last year or two!) that some girls actually pretend not to be smart because they think boys don’t want smart girls, so I’m willing to admit I can be a bit oblivious sometimes.

I believe in equality, but equality for all not just some, and not in the way some feminists seem to think it should look. I believe that children are discriminated against worse than women in the western world these days due to mainstream parenting practices. I believe feminism is going the wrong way. So I consider myself a feminist but don’t agree with everything they say. Not by a long shot. Lets talk about it.


  1. Taylor Stewart Taylor Stewart

    My name is Taylor Stewart and I am a female artist based out of Michigan. I am starting a project/art piece that I believe your readers and fan base may be interested in. Below, I have inserted a short description of the project and the call for participants flier. Thank you for your time.

    “Pussy Pop is a project that will launch October 31st, 2015. Pussy Pop will serve as an Online archive of sexual histories of women between the birth years of 1985-1995. The mission of this archive is to normalize the conversation about female sexuality by creating a safe Online community that presents stories and experiences that may be perceived as taboo conversation. Pussy Pop hopes to stimulate conversations of women’s sexuality within the realms of technology, pop-culture, media, and personal experience while, empowering women to find similarity in others experiences.

    All participants will be emailed the survey on September 16th, and will fill out the survey accordingly. When all surveys are received on October 2nd, 2015 the moderator of this project with transcribe every survey and publish them anonymously on Pussy Pops Blog.”

  2. Tatiana-Deirdre Tatiana-Deirdre

    women between 1985 and 1995 are the LEAST interesting generation and most narcissistic How about gen x women 65 to 75 we are the most intelligent, independent and entrepreneurial; I’d be happy to fund your project if you chose this more interesting and brighter demographic but i do not thin ‘pussy pop’ is an appropriate name either I thin women born between 1985 and 1995 are confused about what it means to have self respect and what feminism means as they often use self-identifying language that cheapens them; don’t you agree!

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